Showtime (Piano Refrain) is a track by musician Kevin Regamey that was released on the album Homestuck Vol. 1 on August 9th, 2009. It is the 1st track on Homestuck Vol. 1.

This track is a piano rendition of parts of "Showtime (Original Mix)" by Malcolm Brown.

"Showtime (Piano Refrain)" plays on two pages in Homestuck: [S] John: Play haunting piano refrain. and [S] YOU THERE. BOY.

List of tracks that reference this trackEdit

As is common in Homestuck music, this track contains themes or leitmotifs that are quoted by other tracks in the Homestuck music canon.

Here is a list of tracks that quote this track:

Track Name Musician(s) Album(s) Track Release Date
Carolmanthetime Homestuck Gaiden Homestuck for the Holidays Unknown
Downtime SparksD2145 (AutoDevote) Shenanigans: MSPA Unknown
Heirfare Alexander Rosetti Homestuck Vol. 5 June 13th, 2010
Light Erik "Jit" Scheele Homestuck Vol. 5 June 13th, 2010
Rectify Thomas Ibarra Land of Fans and Music 2 December 25th, 2012
Showtime (End Strife Remix) Plumegeist Land of Fans and Music 2 December 25th, 2012
You Killed My Father (Prepare To Die) William Ascenzo - Will Ascenzo
David "Dirtiest" Dycus
Ian "MyUsernamesMud" White
Homestuck Vol. 10 June 12th, 2016