Sburb is the twelfth (formerly sixteenth) official album released on the Homestuck Bandcamp, and the fifth solo album released by an individual member of the music team. Sburb was created by Tyler Dever and is an album which consists entirely of piano pieces, aiming to represent the mythology of SBURB as a creation mythos. As such, most track titles make reference to the books of the Christian Holy Bible. Additionally, though written by Dever, all tracks were performed by Eric "Jit" Scheele, another member of the Homestuck music team.

Track list Edit

There is no individual track art for this album.

Track no.Title of track
1The Prelude
6The Meek
10Revelations I
11Revelations II
12Revelations III

Trivia Edit

  • The cover art for Sburb appears to foreshadow the ultimate weapon, which makes its appearance near the end of Part 3 and features prominently in Homestuck's finale. Curiously, the placement of the characters in each segment of the SBURB logo differs from its portrayal in Homestuck itself.