Redditstuck Vol. 1 is a 21 track album of original music created for the 'Sburbventure' style Homestuck fanadventure Redditstuck. The album was released on the 25th of October, 2016.

Track Listing Edit

Track No. Title Musician(s) Track cover artist
1 Cogs JJ Pollution illusionWorks
2 Hobbyist JJ Pollution David Burt
3 Spool JJ Pollution GlassRhino
4 Crushing Weight Zylar Brother Grapefruit
5 Assertion Emelia K. David Burt
6 Visions Of Grim JJ Pollution Brother Grapefruit
7 Colt Blooded JJ Pollution AVeryNicePizza
8 Incubation Kal-la-kal-la Sunil
9 What A Hoot NiceWizard GlassRhino
10 Saoshyant Bin David Burt
11 Alloy Cervid King illusionWorks
12 Conflict! Emelia K. David Burt
13 Sticky Steps NiceWizard Brother Grapefruit
14 Happy Thoughts And Fairy Dust Zylar David Burt
15 Effervescence phi_ro_man Christ in a Sidecar
16 Malediction JJ Pollution Adventureflame
17 Solid Water Whispers NiceWizard illusionWorks
18 Divine Intervention JJ Pollution David Burt
19 Thank You Based Prince Kal-la-kal-la David Burt
20 Look Where We Are NiceWizard David Burt
21 Hyperion Kal-la-kal-la David Burt