One Year Older is the twenty-second official album released on the Homestuck Bandcamp, the ninth solo album released by an individual member of the Homestuck music team, and the second album of Solo Album Month. The album was released by Erik "Jit" Scheele, and is themed around Homestuck protagonist John Egbert; as such, One Year Older features songs which place primary emphasis on piano, John Egbert's signature instrument. "Mother" is the peak track of the album, and a solo piano arrangement is included as a bonus track.

Track list Edit

Track no.Title of trackMusician(s)Track cover artist
1SunriseErik "Jit" ScheeleTavia Morra
2OctoberErik "Jit" ScheeleSaffronScarf
3Firefly CloudErik "Jit" ScheeleNic Carey
4FantasyPErik "Jit" ScheeleKaymurph
5UnderfootErik "Jit" ScheeleTavia Morra
6Flying CarErik "Jit" Scheelenjeekyo
7Cancerous CoreErik "Jit" ScheelePlayerprophet
8Game OverErik "Jit" ScheeleSarahfu
9UnlabeledErik "Jit" ScheeleVivian Ng
10Skaian ShrapnelErik "Jit" ScheeleCrowbawt
11The ScratchErik "Jit" ScheeleBrian Griv
12RespitErik "Jit" ScheeleSasha Morrissey
13NegastrifeErik "Jit" ScheeleCrowbawt
14MotherErik "Jit" ScheeleLouise L.
15Eston "silence" Schweickart - Another Chance [Bonus]Eston "silence" Schweickartdapperpixel
16Under the Hat [Bonus]Erik "Jit" ScheeleVivian Ng
17Mother (Piano) [Bonus]Erik "Jit" ScheeleVivian Ng

Trivia Edit

  • One Year Older was the second of three albums planned to be released during the month of August 2012. Though it and Clark "Plazmataz" Powell's Symphony Impossible to Play were released on schedule, Alexander Rosetti's Genesis Frog would arrive roughly two months behind schedule due to complications.
  • Track 4, "FantasyP", is titled such as a reference to Toby "Radiation" Fox's infamous unreleased song, "Penumbra Phantasm". "FantasyP" consists entirely of motifs from Fox's song.
  • "Unlabeled" was originally featured in Homestuck on April 19, 2011 under the description of an "unlabeled record", and this served as the inspiration for its canon title. On the page, only a portion of the song can be heard.
  • The second bonus track, "Under the Hat", was originally written by Scheele as a strife theme for John's Dad. Though it took time for it to be canonally released, it was featured on the Homestuck Sound Test for a great deal of time and was also used as the melody inspiration for "Trollcops" on the earlier album, AlterniaBound.
  • One Year Older is the only solo album to feature a track entirely composed by a musician other than the creator of the rest of the album. "Another Chance", a remix of Scheele's "Walk-Stab-Walk" from Homestuck Vol. 6, was composed by Eston "silence" Schweickart, who had been previously featured in Land of Fans and Music and coloUrs and mayhem: Universe A.