Midnight Crew: Drawing Dead is the first official Homestuck album on the Homestuck Bandcamp page. Previously, it was the fifth, after the first four Homestuck Volumes, which have since been condensed and re-released as Homestuck Vol. 1-4. Midnight Crew: Drawing Dead is followed by Homestuck Vol. 5.

Drawing Dead is the first of many music team compilation albums which would be made over Homestuck's seven-year run. As the name implies, the album is themed around the titular Midnight Crew, a quartet of violent gangsters and the protagonists of the first Homestuck Intermission. The album features 18 tracks inspired heavily by film noir and jazz, placing emphasis on piano, saxophone, and bass.

Album Info Edit

This album is one of two albums to feature a song by Hilary "Pie" Troiano, the other being Homestuck Vol. 8. It also originally featured a track by Bill Bolin, before he was removed from the music team following interpersonal disputes. (source?)

Track List Edit

All track art is taken from Homestuck by Andrew Hussie.

Track no.Title of trackMusician(s)
1Three in the MorningClark "Plazmataz" Powell
2Blue NoirDavid Ko
3Dead ShuffleMark Hadley
4Hearts FlushMark Hadley
5Knives and IvoryKevin Regamey
6Liquid NegrocityToby "Radiation" Fox
7Hollow SuitAlexander Rosetti
8Ante MatterMark Hadley
9The Ballad of Jack NoirToby "Radiation" Fox
10Lunar EclipseMichael Guy Bowman
11HauntjamAndrew Huo
12Carbon Nadsat​/​Cuestick GeniusRobert J! Lake
13Ace of TrumpHilary "Pie" Troiano
14MoonshineAlexander Rosetti
15Tall, Dark and LoathsomeClark "Plazmataz" Powell
16Joker's WildMark Hadley
17Livin' It UpGabe Nezovic
18HauntjellyAndrew Huo and Ian Taylor