Homestuck Vol. 9 is the twentieth official album released on the Homestuck Bandcamp, and the ninth installment in the Homestuck Volumes series. Encompassing all of Homestuck Act 6 as told until the release of the album, Vol. 9's primary focuses are the four alpha kids from B2 Earth and the twelve alpha trolls from Beforus, and the events of which they are a part.

Continuing the lofty tradition of the previous Homestuck Volumes, Vol. 9 is a truly impressive 51-track album that breaks away from the darker tone of its previous two predecessors and spans a wide variety of moods as well as genres and instrumental styles. Each individual track parallels music previously released in the Homestuck discography, just as Act 6 parallels Acts 1-5 of Homestuck and the newly introduced universes parallel their counterparts.

Track no.Title of trackMusician(s)Track cover artist
1CrystalmethequinsClark "Plazmataz" PowellAstro Kid Richard Gung
2Anbroids V2.0Malcolm BrownJonathan Griffiths
4FireflyGeorge BuzinkaiAndrew Hussie
5Whistling JackhammerRobert J! LakeAndrew Hussie
6Ugly BettyRobert J! LakeTavia Morra
7Hate YouToby "Radiation" Fox


8Pumpkin Party in Sea Hitler's Water ApocalypseMalcolm BrownMarina
9SkaianetMark HadleyLinnet
10Another JungleMichael Guy BowmanRichard Gung
11GameGrl (Original 1993 Mix)Michael Guy Bowman

Erik "Jit" Scheele (Keytar)

Tavia Morra (Vocals)

Tavia Morra
12ASSAULTToby "Radiation" FoxMaf
13A Little Fight MewsicThomas FerkolCrowbawt
14Austin, AtlantisClark "Plazmataz" PowellNic Carey
15DespotErik "Jit" ScheeleTavia Morra
16StressToby "Radiation" FoxP-RO
17Minihoof's AdventureMichael Guy Bowman

Tavia Morra (Vocals)

Tavia Morra
18EncoreMalcolm Brown


19ExpeditionMark HadleyKiddy
20Elephant GunMichael Guy Bowman8bitkitten
21MiasmajestyJeremy "Solatrus" Iamurri

Nick Smalley

Tavia Morra
22Jane DargasonClark "Plazmataz" Powell

Robert J! Lake

Dawn Davis
23Before the Beginning and After the EndRobert J! LakeTavia Morra
24Bridge of StarsThomas Ferkol8bitkitten
25Cumulating DreamsJeremy "Solatrus" Iamurri

Clark Powell (Cello)

Kat (Nyanface)
26Busting Makes Me Feel GoodMichael Guy BowmanVictoria Grace Elliott
27Everything is Something to SomebodyRobert J! LakeTavia Morra

Thomas Ferkol (Electric guitar)

29I'm a Member of the Midnight Crew (Post​-​Punk Version)Michael Guy Bowman

Erik "Jit" Scheele (Piano)

Marcy Nabors (Theremin, accordion)

Cari Garafalo
30Three in the Morning (Aftermath)Erik "Jit" ScheelePlayerprophet
31LancerClark PowellClorinspats
32Three's a CrowdRobert J! Lakeari
33Break ShotRobert BlakerAndrew Hussie
34PortraitJeremy "Solatrus" IamurriKate Holden
35Negative ApertureSvixAndrew Hussie
36Sweet Dreams, TimaeusThomas Ferkolby Vivian Ng
37Red MilesTyler DeverAndrew Hussie
38The Changing GameThomas FerkolAndrew Hussie
39RequitedClark PowellDodostad
40Princess of HeliumClark PowellTavia Morra
41MoonsetterToby "Radiation" Fox

Samm Neiland (Viola)

Clark Powell (Cello)

42Candles and Clockwork (Alpha Version)Tyler Dever

Alexander Rosetti (Mixing)

43CoursingAlexander RosettiZilleniose
44Cairo OvercoatThomas FerkolLauren "Sock" Ross
45Battle Against an Unfathomable EnemyRobert BlakerSkepticarcher
46 Noirscape Team Dogfight kendle bentley b!

Michael Guy Bowman

48A Taste for AdventureSeth "Beatfox" Peelleminty
49StargazeNick SmalleyTavia Morra
50 Another Countdown Michael Guy Bowman Emery Ferguson
51 Frustracean Toby "Radiation" Fox Andrew Hussie

Trivia Edit

  • The second bonus track, "Frustracean", contains a several minute long stretch of silence, at the end of which is a distorted voice clip of Nicolas Cage. Toby "Radiation" Fox evidently included this as a joke, but Andrew Hussie nonetheless gave it a place Homestuck via a bonus page.
  • Homestuck Vol. 9 features the first of two works by Team Dogfight, a collaborative music group consisting of David "Dirtiest" Dycus, William Ascenzo, Mai "konec0" Yishan, DJ Sai Tae, viaSatellite, and Ian "myusernamesmud" White. Many members of the team were prominent Homestuck fan musicians prior to the release of the album, with a number of their tracks featured on the Land of Fans and Music fan album. Others appeared during the official music contest that led to the creation of the two previously released coloUrs and mayhem albums.