Homestuck Vol. 5 is the second official Homestuck album (following the merging and rerelease of volumes 1-4). Previously, it was the sixth, following the first four volumes and Midnight Crew: Drawing Dead. It is preceded by Midnight Crew: Drawing Dead and followed by Alternia on the Homestuck Bandcamp.

At 65 tracks, Vol. 5 is the longest album in the official Homestuck music canon.

As a massive album comprised of tracks from all of the music team members at the time, Homestuck Vol. 5 is the first main Homestuck volume to feature songs which had until its release not appeared in the comic. While several would see appearances in Homestuck in Act 4 and beyond, many have remained exclusive to Vol. 5 even after the comic's conclusion.

Vol. 5 Anthology Edit

The main Vol. 1-10 album series have individual original track art by fans of the comic, with the except of Homestuck Vol. 1-4 (which uses panels from the comic itself as track art) and Vol. 5 (which has no individual track art).

On April 13, 2017, a group of fans published the Vol. 5 Anthology, a set of unofficial fan-made track art for Homestuck Vol. 5. The artwork is available for individual download on the Vol. 5 Anthology Tumblr over a series of 8 posts.

Track list Edit

There is no individual track art for this album.

Track no.Title of trackMusician(s)
1Homestuck AnthemClark "Plazmataz" Powell
2Skaian SkirmishAndrew Huo and Toby "Radiation" Fox
3Savior of the Waking WorldToby "Radiation" Fox
4Clockwork MelodyClark "Plazmataz" Powell
5HeirfareAlexander Rosetti
6Jade's LullabyDavid Ko
7AggrievanceMark Hadley
8Happy Cat Song!Toby "Radiation" Fox and Michael Guy Bowman
9HardchoraleAlexander Rosetti and Toby "Radiation" Fox, meows supplied by Michael Guy Bowman
10An Unbreakable UnionRobert Blaker
11Skaian RideSeth "Beatfox" Peelle, written by Andrew Huo
12WhiteToby "Radiation" Fox
13Octoroon RangoonToby "Radiation" Fox
14Pumpkin CravingsSeth "Beatfox" Peelle
15Welcome to the New ExtremeRobert J! Lake
16CrystalanthemumsAlexander Rosetti
17Skaia (Incipisphere Mix)Jeremy "Solatrus" Iamurri
18SarabandeErik "Jit" Scheele
19Clockwork SorrowDavid Ko
20Phantasmagoric WaltzAlexander Rosetti
21SunslammerSeth "Beatfox" Peelle
22Lotus Land StoryToby "Radiation" Fox
23Chorale for WarSteve Everson
24Unsheath'dAlexander Rosetti
25VersusToby "Radiation" Fox
26Planet HealerSeth "Beatfox" Peelle
27Bed of Rose's / Dreams of DerseMark Hadley
28Skaian FlightRobert Blaker
29How Do I Live (Bunny Back in the Box Version)Michael Guy Bowman, guitar solo by Nick Smalley
30Dupliblaze COMAGMAToby "Radiation" Fox
31MoonshatterToby "Radiation" Fox
32SunsetterToby "Radiation" Fox
33LotusSeth "Beatfox" Peelle
34Ruins (With Strings)Erik "Jit" Scheele and Michael Guy Bowman
35EctobiologyDavid Ko
36Upholding the LawAlexander Rosetti
37UnderworldSteve Everson
38CrystamanthequinsErik "Jit" Scheele
39Endless ClimbingPerry Sullivan
40Land of the SalamandersDavid Ko
41Medical EmergencyAlexander Rosetti
42Clockwork ContrivanceClark "Plazmataz" Powell
43Get UpToby "Radiation" Fox
44Vertical MotionToby "Radiation" Fox
45The Beginning of Something Really ExcellentRobert J! Lake
46Pyrocumulus (Kickstart)Robert J! Lake
47Skaian SkuffleAndrew Huo
48ThrowdownSteve Everson
49ValhallaRobert Blaker
50Amphibious SubterrainToby "Radiation" Fox
51LightErik "Jit" Scheele
52SoftlyRobert J! Lake
53GreenhouseMichael Guy Bowman
54Space PranksterDavid Ko
55EcstasySteve Everson
56Snow PollenToby "Radiation" Fox
57Candles and ClockworkTyler "Seppuku" Dever
58Can TownAlexander Rosetti
59Plague DoctorSteve Everson
60EnlightenmentSteve Everson
61Doctor RemixGabe Nezovic
62BiophosphoradelecrystalluminescenceRobert J! Lake
63Song of LifeSteve Everson
64DescendToby "Radiation" Fox
65HomestuckMark Hadley

Trivia Edit

  • Homestuck Vol. 5 originally featured 71 tracks on account of an 18th music artist named Jared Micks. Though responsible for five original tracks, Micks's sixth track, "Endless Heart", was revealed to be a non-consensual remastering of Draggor's "Heart of the Creator". Upon this discovery, Micks was removed from the team and all of his tracks were taken off the album, despite him attributing this action to a simple uploading mistake.
  • "Savior of the Waking World", the third track on Vol. 5, marks the first appearance of "Penumbra Phantasm", an elusive song by Toby "Radiation" Fox which has been quoted in a number of songs throughout Homestuck's musical history. It has attained memetic status among Homestuck fans, but has yet to see an official release and may well never.
  • Though Vol. 5 originally lacked art for each individual track, a group of fans launched the Homestuck Vol. 5 Track Art Fan Anthology in 2016 and 2017. As a result of their efforts, a full collection of art now exists corresponding with each song on the album.