Homestuck Vol. 3 is the second official album published on the Homestuck Bandcamp. It was later merged with three other albums (Homestuck Vol. 1, Homestuck Vol. 3, and Homestuck Vol. 4) to form the Homestuck Vol. 1-4 compilation album.

It is comprised entirely of tracks featured in the Homestuck Flash pages, covering another portion of Act 3. Notable tracks include "Beatdown", "Dissension", and "Chorale for Jaspers". Several other songs in the album are featured on Jade's FreshJamz Media Player in Homestuck itself.

As with Homestuck Vol. 2, former music team member Bill Bolin contributed a track for this album which was later removed in the transition to Homestuck Vol. 1-4.

Track List Edit

There are no individual pieces of track art for this album.

Track no. Title Musician(s)
1 Beatdown (Strider Style) Curt Blakeslee
2 Harleboss Malcolm Brown
3 Beatdown Round 2 Curt Blakeslee
4 Dissension (Original) David Ko
5 Dissension (Remix) David Ko
6 Ohgodwhat Nick Smalley
7 Ohgodwhatremix Michael Guy Bowman
8 Rediscover Fusion BurnedKirby
9 Rediscover Fusion Remix Bill Bolin
10 Explore Remix Gabe Nezovic
11 Chorale for Jaspers Michael Guy Bowman
12 Pony Chorale Michael Guy Bowman