Homestuck Vol. 2 is the second official album published on the Homestuck Bandcamp. It was later merged with three other albums (Homestuck Vol. 1, Homestuck Vol. 3, and Homestuck Vol. 4) to form the Homestuck Vol. 1-4 compilation album.

It is comprised entirely of tracks featured in the Homestuck Flash pages, covering the remainder of Act 2 and a portion of Act 3. Prominent songs include "Upward Movement (Dave Owns)" and the End of Act 2 song "Explore".

Homestuck Vol. 2 marks the first appearance of former Homestuck musician Bill Bolin, who contributed a number of would-be prominent motifs for early Homestuck. Bolin later left the team, prompting the removal of his tracks and the creation of Homestuck Vol. 1-4.

Track List Edit

There are no pieces of individual track art for this album.

Track no. Title Musician(s)
1 Harlequin (Rock Version) Michael Guy Bowman
2 Skaian Dreams Remix Bill Bolin
3 Upward Movement (Dave Owns) Robert Blaker
4 Vagabounce David Ko
5 Explore George Buzinkai

Michael Guy Bowman (Arrangement)

6 Guardian Bill Bolin
7 Nightlife Bill Bolin
8 Showtime Remix Gabe Nezovic
9 Aggrieve Remix Gabe Nezovic
10 Verdancy (Baseline) Robert Blaker
11 Kinetic Verdancy Bill Bolin