Homestuck Vol. 1 is an official Homestuck album and the first one released on the official Homestuck Bandcamp. It was later merged with the next three volumes (Homestuck Vol. 2, Homestuck Vol. 3 and Homestuck Vol. 4) to form Homestuck Vol. 1-4.

It is comprised entirely of musical tracks that have been used in numerous Flash segments within the comic, most notably the various mixes of Showtime, Sburban Jungle, and Aggrieve.

People involved in the production of Homestuck Vol. 1 include mainstays Michael Guy Bowman, Mark Hadley, and Malcolm Brown.

Homestuck Vol. 1 vs. Homestuck Vol. 1-4 Edit

Homestuck Vol. 1 includes the tracks Sburban Jungle (Brief Mix) and Aggrieve (Violin Redux) which are absent from the later compilation Homestuck Vol. 1-4. Sburban Jungle (Brief Mix), despite being a track that plays in the comic, was likely removed because it was redundant with the full version of Sburban Jungle.

Track list Edit

There is no individual track art for this album.

Track no. Title Musician(s)
1 Showtime (Piano Refrain) Kevin Regamey
2 Harlequin Mark Hadley
3 Showtime (Original Mix) Malcolm Brown
4 Sburban Jungle (Brief Mix) Michael Guy Bowman
5 Aggrieve (Violin Refrain) Andrew Huo

Gabe Nezovic (Mastering)

6 Sburban Countdown Mark Hadley
7 Aggrieve Mark Hadley
8 Showtime (Imp Strife Mix)  George Buzinkai

Curt Blakeslee (Fanfare)

9 Nannaquin Mark Hadley
10 Skies of Skaia Mark Hadley
11 Aggrieve (Violin Redux) Andrew Huo