Harlequin is a track by musician Mark Hadley released on the album Homestuck Vol. 1, and later on the album Homestuck Vol. 1-4. It is featured in the Homestuck aniamted pages (S) John: Enter and (S) ==> (MS Paint Adventures page 002086).

List of tracks that reference this track Edit

As is common in Homestuck music, this track contains themes or leitmotifs that are quoted by other tracks in the Homestuck music canon.

Here is a list of tracks that quote this track:

Track Name Musician(s) Album(s) Track Release Date
Nannaquin Mark Hadley Homestuck Vol. 1 August 9th, 2009
Joker's Wild Mark Hadley Midnight Crew: Drawing Dead February 4th, 2010
Heirfare Alexander Rosetti Homestuck Vol. 5 June 13th, 2010
Fighting Spirit ~Second Form~ Kevin "UWBW" Grant Land of Fans and Music 2 December 25th, 2012
Creata Seth "Beatfox" Peelle Homestuck Vol. 10 June 12th, 2016