Bee-forus: Seatbelt Safebee is a "DLC" album created by the Homestuck Fan Musicians in response to two overarching memes (seatbelt safety and bees) which arose in the Beforus release Livestream event. The thirteen-track album focuses primarily on humour, and functions as an extension to Beforus rather than an independent Homestuck Fan Musicians album.

Track List Edit

Track no. Title Musician(s) Track Artist
1 Bees.mp3 SerialSymphony feat Josephine "Blackhole" Gillette Circlejourney
2 Seatbelt Safety SerialSymphony Sigourney Martin
3 Damara's Bees (Fatalism Beemix) Neon Zenith Circlejourney
4 Safety Crusher Josephine "Blackhole" Gillette Lovisa Lassen
5 In Love (With Safety) magnoliajades, Josephine "Blackhole" Gillette Lovisa Lassen
6 FEAR OF BEES Neon Zenith Circlejourney
7 Beltstep Ducky Senpai Lovisa Lassen
8 Beetermination (Thinking Bee) SerialSymphony Circlejourney, Lovisa Lassen
9 Bee Safe circlejourney Lovisa Lassen
10 Savior of the Driving Dead SerialSymphony Lovisa Lassen
11 I Want You (To Wear a Seatbelt) SerialSymphony Magnoliajades
12 Safe Drive at Midnight (Fuchsia Moonrise Beep Mix) Circlejourney Lovisa Lassen
13 Sleep Tite, Veri SerialSymphony Sigourney Martin