Alternia is the third (formerly seventh) official album released on the Homestuck Bandcamp, and the first "solo" album released by a single member of the music team. Made entirely by Toby "Radiation" Fox, this album represents the beta trolls and their session off of the planet Alternia, as seen in Act 5 Act 1.

The album makes heavy use of SNES-era soundfonts, such as from Earthbound, and places a significant emphasis on recurring leitmotifs. Each troll has their own theme assigned to them, which would appear later in the comic or discography, or else inspire new themes based on the tone of the old.

Alternia is one of three Homestuck albums to feature a commentary booklet for its songs.

Track List Edit

Each track features art from Homestuck by Andrew Hussie.

Track no. Title
1 Crustacean
2 Showdown
3 mIrAcLeS
4 The Lemonsnout Turnabout
5 Phaze and Blood
6 psych0ruins
7 Walls Covered in Blood
9 Death of the Lusii
10 Virgin Orb
11 The La2t Frontiier
12 Skaian Summoning
13 The Thirteenth Hour
14 Spider's Claw (Bonus)
15 Staring (Bonus)
16 Keepers (Bonus)
17 Alternia (Bonus)
18 Walls Covered in Blood DX (Bonus)

Trivia Edit

  • The title "Death of the Lusii" actually contains a grammatical error. As lusus is taken directly from the Latin word for "freak", based on the grammatical rules of Latin, the plural of "lusus" is actually "lusus".
  • The commentary for "Skaian Summoning" simply reads: "but … is there anything i can do to change your mind?" The original formatting suggests it to be a reference to the Super Mario World ROM hack, "MARIO". The line has been referenced three times in Homestuck.
  • The commentary for "The Thirteenth Hour" reads: "?????????????". This track's title is a reference to the concept of a thirteenth troll based on the zodiac sign Ophiuchus, which fans at the time had theorized about at length. This theory was given new life in Act 6 through the appearances of Calliope and Caliborn.