AlterniaBound is the eighth (formerly twelfth) official album released on the Homestuck Bandcamp, and the fourth music team compilation album. It is the second album themed after the beta trolls, the first being Toby "Radiation" Fox's solo album, Alternia. Unlike Alternia, which is themed after the trolls' pre-SGRUB adventures, AlterniaBound is themed after the trolls' defeat at the end of their session, and the sociopsychological conflicts which occur in their confinement in the Veil.

AlterniaBound directly corresponds to a portion of Homestuck's Act 5 Act 2, which included three playable Flash games featuring the ability to control troll characters, engage in conversations with their fellows, and explore the meteor on which the twelve are stranded. These games, along with other Flash animations from this time period in the comic's run, use music directly from AlterniaBound.

The album inherits Alternia's focus on leitmotif, with Toby "Radiation" Fox returning to present new themes for many of the beta trolls, and several other musicians offering their own interpretations of the characters or events from this portion of Homestuck.

Naming Edit

The album shares a name with a particular interactive page in the comic. Like many of the larger interactive pages, (S) Past Karkat: Wake Up. has an alternate name that refers to its gameplay—in this case, AlterniaBound. This name is one of several in the comic (including the title Homestuck) that refer to the console game EarthBound, which was a big inspiration for the comic and its interactive nature.

Rex Duodecim Angelus Edit

Several of the tracks are not inspired by events in the particular time frame of AlterniaBound, but rather other parts of the trolls' adventures. The track "Rex Duodecim Angelus" is inspired by the trolls' fight against their SGRUB session's Black King, a plot point that seemed enormous but that was only briefly referenced in the comic.

On June 12, 2014, a massive collaborative fan animation also titled Rex Duodecim Angelus was published to Youtube, chronicling the beta trolls' battle against their Black King. It is scored with the tracks Rex Duodecim Angelus and Killed by BR8K Spider​!​!​!​!​!​!​!​!.

Track list Edit

The album cover art is by SaffronScarf. All track art is by Andrew Hussie, taken from the comic itself.

Track no.Title of trackMusician(s)Corresponding Homestuck Page
1Arisen AnewJoren "Tensei" de Bruin-
2Karkat's ThemeToby "Radiation" Fox(S) Past Karkat: Wake Up., (S) Kanaya: Return to the core.
3TrollcopsErik "Jit" Scheele(S) Terezi: Play Records
4BL1ND JUST1C3 : 1NV3ST1G4T1ON !!Malcolm Brown(S) Flip.
5Terezi's ThemeToby "Radiation" Fox(S) Past Karkat: Wake Up.
6Dreamers and The DeadThomas "EidolonOrpheus" Ferkol-
7Vriska's ThemeToby "Radiation" Fox(S) Past Karkat: Wake Up.
8She's a Sp8derJoren "Tensei" de Bruin-
9FIDUSPAWN, GO!David Ko (arranged by Toby "Radiation" Fox, remix of dESPERADO ROCKET CHAIRS by Toby "Radiation" Fox", and soundfont by The_Eighth_Bit)-
10Darling KanayaToby "Radiation" Fox(S) Kanaya: Return to the core.
11Requiem Of Sunshine And RainbowsPeter "abortedSlunk" Turner-
12Eridan's ThemeToby "Radiation" Fox (Catchyegrabber by Alexander Rosetti. Soundfont by The_Eighth_Bit)(S) Kanaya: Return to the core.
13Nautical NightmareToby "Radiation" Fox (soundfont by The_Eighth_Bit)(S) Kanaya: Return to the core.
14Nepeta's ThemeToby "Radiation" Fox(S) Equius: Seek the highb100d.
15Horschestra STRONG VersionAlexander Rosetti(S) Equius: Seek the highb100d.,
16Blackest Heart (With Honks)Mark Hadley, Honking and Vocals added by Toby "Radiation" Fox-
17Midnight CalliopeMark Hadley(S) Equius: Seek the highb100d.
18Chaotic StrengthThomas "EidolonOrpheus" Ferkol-
19Trollian StandoffJoren "Tensei" de Bruin(S) 3x SHOWDOWN COMBO
20Rex Duodecim AngelusMalcolm Brown (features themes from the album 'Alternia' by Toby "Radiation" Fox and Horschestra by Alexander Rosetti)Rex Duodecim Angelus (unofficial)
21Killed by BR8K Spider​!​!​!​!​!​!​!​!BR8K Spider​!​!​!​!​!​!​!​!

Toby "Radiation" Fox

(S)(A6I3) MINISTRIFE!!!, Rex Duodecim Angelus (unofficial)
22AlterniaSeth "Beatfox" Peelle ("Theme" by Toby "Radiation" Fox) -
23Trollcops (Radio Play)Erik "Jit" Scheele -
24Catapult CapuchinToby "Radiation" Fox -
25Science SeahorseToby "Radiation" Fox -
26A Fairy BattleToby "Radiation" Fox -
27The Blind ProphetToby "Radiation" Fox -
28AlterniaBoundToby "Radiation" Fox (S) Past Karkat: Wake Up. -
29You Won A Combat Toby "Radiation" Fox -
30Rest A WhileToby "Radiation" Fox -