♉ - Breathtak1ng is a track by musician Rhyselinn that was released on the album Beforus on April 10th 2016 with track art by doodlebonez. It is the 3rd track on Beforus.

Musician's commentary (from the Beforus commentary booklet) Edit

"Hi! I'm Rhyselinn, the composer for Rufioh Nitram's track "Breathtak1ng."

I admit, I had difficulty trying to categorize the Nitrams' music while doing research for this track. By my best estimation, Breathtak1ng is an upbeat flamenco/salsa hybrid. It includes excerpts from (in approximate order): Do The Windy Thing, dESPERADO ROCKET CHAIRS, Bronze Rebel, iRRRRRRRRECONCILA8LE, and Savior of the Waking World. (And the ending is reminiscent of Infinity Mechanism, for whatever that's worth.)

The middle section also includes excerpts from The Lost Child, a Damara Megido song, and some machinery noises in homage to Horuss Zahhak. Rufioh's character arc in Openbound focuses heavily on his romantic entanglements with these two characters, so I wanted Breathtak1ng to emphasize Rufioh's nature as a freedom-oriented Breath player, and portray him breaking free of these toxic attachments. As a result, the two interludes feel darker and less energetic to contrast the moment iRRRRRRRRECONCILA8LE kicks in. That's when Rufioh metaphorically spreads his wings, breaks free of these binding attachments, and is finally able to fly and succeed in the most amazing, breathtaking way."

- Rhyselinn

Track artist's commentary (from the Beforus commentary booklet) Edit

"The idea for this art was to have Rufioh flying away from the ones who have made his life hard. The papers flying about are meant to be seen as him finally pursuing what he loves. Ideally I would have loved to have him fly into the sun, but as I imagined him as being alive rather than dead, this was not ideal."

- doodlebonez

Tracks referenced Edit

This is a list of other tracks referenced in the music. "Referencing" means that a part of the music recalls something used in another song, such as using its leitmotif, or a clip.

Track name Musician Released on album Date of release
Do The Windy Thing
Bronze Rebel ColoUrs and Mayhem, Universe A
The Lost Child
Penumbra Phantasm Toby "Radiation" Fox